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Workshop: Synchrotrons and research

Online workshop | 11 Nov 2020 | 09:30-16:00 CET

Research in Material Science and Engineering is advancing via insights obtained from in situ / in operando measurements in synchrotron facilities. Such facilities have ambitious upgrade plans - opening up novel research opportunities.  The purpose of this online international workshop is therefore to enable researchers, from academia, institutes and companies, to assess future research opportunities using advanced synchrotron facilities.

An introductory session will set the synchrotron instrument scene from a material science & engineering perspective. In the second session, involved scientists will present the upgrade plans of synchrotrons in Europe and the USA.  Synchrotron users, from various material science & engineering fields, will go on to present their perspectives on current research and future research directions in the third session.  The final session will be an open discussion about how best to influence and make use of synchrotron upgrades in order to further advance materials research.

Synchrotrons and research: Akademiker
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