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Synchrotron stress-strain measurements and data analysis

On-site | 19 Oct 2021 | Stockholm, Sweden

Obtaining stress-strain information is a common aim of material science experiments - also when using synchrotron instruments. Analysing synchrotron measurement data is however often a challenge for researchers who new to synchrotron experiments and a bottleneck for experienced synchrotron researchers.

By joining this workshop in person, people can gain an overview of current state-of-the-art in synchrotron stress-strain measurements and data analysis, which would be useful to both new and experienced synchrotron users.

An option for people who wish to gain a realistic feel for the data analysis process is to continue on 20 Oct in the follow up hands-on activity.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of synchrotron measurements. Advice participation also in hands-on data analysis course on 20 Oct.

Contact: Denise McCluskey,

Synchrotron stress-strain measurements and data analysis: Akademiker
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