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Course: Radiation protection

Online course | 1 Dec 2021

University of Oulu will provide an online course on radiation protection. This modular course is divided into general introductory part (2-3 ects) and topic-specific modules for different application areas (1 ects each). The material is aimed for university students in science and engineering, as well as for researchers and engineers in industry. Course content includes basics of the physics of ionizing radiation physics and its biological effects, basics of radiation dosimetry and related quantities, and relevant legislation and safety guidelines. Topic-specific module for the use of radiation in research and industry aims to provide sufficient information on safe working e.g. at synchrotron facilities and includes practical examples from different working environments. The course is specifically aimed for researchers and engineers interested of materials characterization methods utilizing ionizing radiation without previous background in radiation protection.

The registration page is in Finnish but the course will be in English. See below for help with translation.

Radiation protection: Akademiker
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