Hands-on: Tomography


This hands on training is a 2 days practical session using either Lab X-ray tomography, Neutron/X-ray tomography at ILL or X -ray tomography at ESRF. This session aims at using tomography on your own problem. It requires basic knowledge on tomography given in the course Tomography basics. During this session you will prepare the best conditions of your experiment on your own material problem with help of experts and simulation tools and realize data acquisition, reconstruction and data analysis.

You have to choose between one of the three session:

Session 1 : Lab X ray tomography

Session 2 : Neutron/X-ray tomography at ILL

Session 3 : X -ray tomography at ESRF


Sabine Rolland du Roscoat : sabine.rollandduroscoat@3sr-grenoble.fr
Luc Salvo : luc.salvo@grenoble-inp.fr
Pierre Lhuissier : pierre.lhuissier@simap.grenoble-inp.fr
Edward Andò : edward.ando@3sr-grenoble.fr