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Hands-on: Tomography

On-site | 3 Dec 2021 | Grenoble, France

This hands on training is one day practical session using X -ray tomography at ESRF BM05. This session aims at using tomography on your own problem. During this session you will prepare the best conditions of your experiment on your own material problem with help of experts and simulation tools and realize data acquisition, reconstruction and data analysis. This is an on-site course and you will be in contact with the professor before the session to prepare your case. 

Session 1: Experiments (2h)

1) Preparing experiment (1h)

1.1) Tomography conditions (Energy, pixel size, exposure time …)
1.2) Sample preparation

2) Performing experiment (1h)

2.1) Sample positioning
2.2) Control tomography software
2.3) Running experiment

Session 2: Data reconstruction analysis (2h)

1) Data analysis with Fiji and python (1h)

1.1) 2D qualitative inspection of the data
1.2) 3D data filtering and segmentation
1.3) 3D data quantitative analysis

2) Data visualisation (1h)

2.1) 3D visualisation tools
2.2) 3D rendering of data

Contacts: Luc Salvo: Pierre Lhuissier:

Hands-on: Tomography: Akademiker
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