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Advanced Tomography Course

Online | 10 Nov 2021

The aim of this course is to provide in 1 day a more advance overview of the possibilities of Xray and neutron tomography (in large scale instruments and laboratories) with deeper knowledge on data acquisition, reconstruction and data analysis. After this course you will be able to choose the best tomography technique for your specific application either on lab tomograph or with large scale instruments and perform deep quantitative analysis with numerical tools. You will be able to transfer your 3D data to external modelling code (FEM, DEM …) The course is divided in two sessions of 3 hours : the first session is dedicated to theoretical knowledge on data acquisition, reconstruction and analysis and the second session to lab session. In the second session you will use python code and Fiji for the data analysis. 

Session 1: Theoretical Courses  (3h)

1) Data acquisition (1h)

1.1) Absorption and phase contrast mode
1.2) Holotomography
1.3) Diffraction contrast tomography
1.4) In situ tomography 

2) Data reconstruction (1h)

2.1) Filter back projection
2.2) Algebraic Reconstruction
2.3) Artificial intelligence

3) Data Analysis (1h)

3.1) Advanced filtering and segmentation including artificial intelligence
3.2) Objects tracking and digital volume correlation
3.3) Software for data analysis
3.4) Data export to simulation tools

Session 2: Labs Sessions (3h)


1) Data reconstruction using python code (1h30)

1.1) Filtered back projection reconstruction
1.2) Algebraic reconstruction
1.3) Paganin reconstruction
1.4) Artificial intelligence reconstruction

2) Data analysis with Fiji and python (1h30)

2.1) Advanced 3D filtering
2.2) 3D data analysis
2.3) 3D visualisation
2.3) Digital volume correlation
2.4) Data export

Prequisites: Basic knowledge of tomography

Contacts: Sabine Rolland du Roscoat:  Luc Salvo: Pierre Lhuissier: