Basic Tomography Course

Course | Coming 2021

The aim of this course is to provide in 2 days a short overview of the possibilities of Xray and neutron tomography (in large scale instruments and laboratories) with some focus on data acquisition, data analysis and exports to numerical codes for simulation. After is course you will be able to plan a tomography experiments on your specific material and perform first qualitative and quantitative with numerical tools.

1) Introduction: industry and tomography (1h)

2) Tomography : general principles (4h)

2.1) X ray tomography : General principles, Laboratory tomography, Synchrotron tomography
2.2) Neutron Tomography  : General principles, neutron tomography
2.3) Advanced Tomography  : dual beam tomography, DCT, phase contrast, holotomography …

3) Data acquisition (2h)

3.1) main important parameters (energy, resolution, sample size, scan time)
3.2) large scale instruments tomography
3.2) laboratory tomography

4) Data Analysis (5h)

4.1) 3D reconstruction : standard methods,  new trends (low number projection, artificial intelligence)
4.2) 3D data analysis :  qualitative analysis (2D and 3D inspection), quantitative analysis
4.3) 3D data and modelling : export data to FEM codes


Sabine Rolland du Roscoat :
Luc Salvo :
Pierre Lhuissier :
Edward Andò :