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Basic Tomography

Online | November 30 2023

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The aim of this course is to provide in 1 day a short overview of the possibilities of X-ray tomography (in large scale instruments and laboratories) with some basic knowledge on data acquisition and data analysis. After this course you will be able to plan a tomography experiment on your specific material either on lab tomograph or with large scale instruments and perform first qualitative and quantitative analysis with numerical tools. The course is divided in two sessions of 3 hours each. Both sessions include a theoretical introduction and a practical lab session where numerical tools will be used by the attendees: the software Novisim will be used to evaluate the influence of the main acquisition parameters on the image quality, the software Fiji will be used to perform some first data analyses.

Session 1: Data Acquisition (3 h)

1) Tomography: General Principles (45 min)

1.1) X-ray interaction with matter

1.2) Tomography - general principles and basic 3D reconstruction

1.3) Phase contrast tomography

2) Data Acquisition (45 min)
2.1) Experimental setup: industrial, laboratory, synchrotron tomographs

2.2) Image quality descriptors

2.3) Main important parameters (energy, resolution, sample size, scan time ...)

3) LAB SESSION: Optimization of Acquisition Parameters (1 h 30 min)
3.1) Choosing the right setup / energy, effect of filters

3.2) Influence of acquisition time, number of projections, sample orientation ...

3.3) Estimation of the limits of detection

Session 2: Data Analysis (3 h)


1) Basics of Tomography Image Analysis (1 h)

1.1) Correction of main tomography artefacts (rings, noise, beam hardening, local tomography ...)

1.2) Segmentation, extraction of global 3D parameters

1.3) Extraction of local 3D parameters

2) LAB SESSION: Data Analysis with Fiji (2 h)
2.1) 2D data visualisation
2.2) 3D data Filtering
2.3) Data segmentation and 3D visualisation
2.4) 3D quantitative analysis 

Prerequisites: No specific knowledge is necessary to follow this course

Contacts: Sofiane Terzi: ; Luc Salvo:

Basic Tomography (30/11/2023 Online): Akademiker
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